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Always love these. Great visuals, effects and music.
Only ones I missed were "Scurvy", "Temper Tantrum" and "Celebrity Selfie". Couldn't figure those ones out.

My favorite was "Lucille". Love this series.

Love it. Newgrounds has been missing an advent art calendar for a couple years now.
I will mention that as of today(the 5th), when I open any present the screen freezes.
Cant' escape, can't go to the artist's page. Worked fine yesterday.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

Recently the game has been updated to HTML5 so that it works on mobile too. Switching has caused a few issues but should be sorted out by the end of the day, or very soon at least.

The opening the artists page in particular is an issue where the web browser usually blocks popups unless in specific scenarios.

But the game freezing completely i have no idea why it does that lol.

Loved it had. Had me stumped at one point. I didn't realize the camera was uncharged.
Bunch of medals not working. Everything from "Please Don't Kill Me" on.

Overall, I liked it.
This type of game, when done, right can be a lot of fun.
I had a bit of an issue with the jump command not working when very close to the edge of platform, but that seemed to be the only control issue.
The music, while I liked it, I don't think it fit the game environment at all.

Coincidentally, this is very similar to what it's like for a man who's been in a long marriage. 😉
Very cool presentation on something a lot of people don't think about.

I was thoroughly impressed with this game.
Everything about it was well done(of what i had time to play)
The music fits beautifully with it!

That was a great point n' click!
I think the only thing missing is music. Something soothing.
I look forward to the next one!

icyoak responds:

Next one will have music. Thanks!

Fantastic game. Your artwork is sublime.
Did the music pick up the closer you got to end, or was that just my imagination?

That was great. I had a bit of trouble figuring out the wall puzzle in using the screwdriver with it, but other than that, great escape game.



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