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Your games never disappoint!

Absolutely perfect! Played through again just to see all the outcomes.

A few of the puzzles were a bit tricky. You don't get the clues until a later room.

I feel like you've upped your game since Flash died. The last few games have been great!

Basic idle clicker, but has potential.
One issue I had, twice - if you hit the "quit" button, all you get is a nonstop constant beep sound.

Pixelabor responds:

This has been fixed today!

My first run:

In their new book, Greed: A How To Manuel, Blob is to have said that COVID-19 is 'Happiness is a crimson field, littered with the corpses of your enemies.', which many have seen as a rather swarthy opinion. Experts have called on Lichtenstein, where Greed: A How To Manuel has been published, to take action, as Blob referencing iPuss as part of the problem to COVID-19 may cause velvety among the population.

President Blibert today quoted the book in their election speech, in what can only be described as clamy. The President is considered to be a long time Uncle-In-Law of Blob, both of them having worked together in Rat Eater. We are unsure if Lichtenstein will take any action against the book, or it's authour.

We did reach out to Blob to ask for their thoughts, to which they reiterated that 'iPuss is to blame' going to to say 'but the cure, it's not to stop iPuss, it's to use Peruvian purple potato with it, and we can treat those who have it with used condom'.

Blob has taken out a patent on used condom, and intends to sell it for $7, but doctors say this used condom is clamy and won't work as a result.

We here are The Hambone do firmly believe that Blob is a true sinister and will go a long way.

Grizzle - Health Editor

Little-Rena responds:

Nice one!

I love this!
Everything was pretty intuitive. The artwork is beautiful. Clues were well thought out.
Great stuff!

I really enjoyed it. Short Zelda-esque game with an interesting backdrop.
The music worked well.
Didn't run into any bugs.
I love small games like this.

Absolutely loved everything about this. Any problem I had I could usually solve by just entering the screen, holy light ablazin'. Loved both endings. Fitting for the times.

Really well done. Don't see an escape game executed that well all that often these days.

residentevil750 responds:

Thank you very much



A Crimson Field

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